Chicken Scratch

I first wanted to call this blog Bryant's Chicken Scratch. I knew early on that it would be pretty difficult for me to devote huge amounts of time to creating finished art without first designing characters, vehicles, and the environments in my story. Trying to create designs in a quick way, I would sketch ideas in my sketch book, on loose pieces of paper, and on sticky notes where ever and whenever inspiration would strike. I seriously doubt anyone other than myself could make heads or tails of my thumbnails which is why I thought chicken scratch was appropriate.

Over time I discovered a few things about my evolving illustration process:
1- My thumbnails always have more energy than my final renderings.
2- Creating my thumbnail drawings are much less stressful for me to create than final images.
3- The work flows in a much more organic way, leading to what I think are better images.
4- It's just much more fun working this way.
5- I find myself more productive not stressing over every line.

So I believe I have decided on a process (for now), that I think will work for me when it comes to creating the "final" art for my story.

These are early designs for one of the central characters to my story.

On another unrelated note, I am in love with Katsuhiro Otomo's Akira manga a published by Kodansha Comics. I have known about Akira in both manga and anime since I was a kid but up until now had only seen the movie. The anime is a ground breaking piece of work, no question there, but it can not scrape the surface of what the manga is in my honest opinion. I can't believe it has taken me this long to "discover" it. 

Oh, one last thing- and since this is a journal of some sorts I just want to say, Cinematic Graphic Novel...
You heard it here first.


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