I've recently realised that my mood is directly tied to my satisfaction or dissatisfaction with my work. Create one good piece and I'm on a high. Create a horrible piece and I'm depressed for days (maybe depressed is too strong a word).

Having said that, every decision I make is based on trying to create something new, while being familiar. At times I am more successful than others and the perfectionist in me pushes me to refine and refine, but the calendar says it's time to move on.

I'm sure all of us wish we had more time, or wish we could devote 100 percent of our time to developing our personal projects to their full potential. In reality we know that is an impossibility since the days of our youth and the luxury of irresponsibility afforded to youth are long gone. I think the secret lies in the ability to manage personal time with family, time with the 9-5, and time with the personal project.

The tortoise and the hare...


  1. I think also if you do it right, the flaws can come as advantages. Like... imperfections, you know?


  2. I'm hoping that the imperfections don't become uninspired art. That is the greatest fear for me. Thanks for the words of encouragement!



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