Nothing ever goes completely as planned. A move from Singapore back to the States has been delayed two weeks. All of my tools and supplies are still in transit. I have been living out of a suitcase for two months and at least another few weeks to come. Funny enough, with all of the distractions of every day life packed away in boxes, I can give more attention to my experiment.

In an effort to keep a schedule and make progress, I have downloaded a free app for the I-pad called "Planning Pro". It seems to be pretty straight forward. I think it could use a few more bells and whistles for large productions (maybe the features I'm looking for are buried deep within the app and I need more time with it). The first pass at creating the schedule shows that the first chapter of this little experiment will be finished October 2013, and I have a total of 3 chapters!!!

The schedule I have created is realistic, working a few hours a day after coming home from a 10 hour a day job. But knowing that after 4 years of doodling sketches and writing notes for this project, that it will still take a year and a half more to complete one third of it, can be quite depressing. Still, the thought of not completing this project is even more depressing.

Depression is not what motivates me though:) I have all of these cool images and stories in my mind that I have to tell. That is my motivation. Creating cool work (how come that doesn't sound convincing?)


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